Meet Anders Olsson – founder of the Conscious Breathing Retraining Program

Hi, my name is Anders Olsson. I live in Stockholm, Sweden, with my two wonderful teenage-kids and I teach people how to breathe. YES, I said breathe. And while I’m not a doctor or professor, I have been conducting full time private research on breathing since 2009. That decision transformed my body, my mind and my health.

I founded my own company in 1990, importing computers from Taiwan. Fifteen years later, I “had it all.” But my quest for money, “success” and material things had drained me, leaving me exhausted and unfulfilled.

My passion – The Power of Our Breath

Finally, I came to the realization that it was up to me to change my life and become excited about life again, so I sold my company, and refocused my attention on living and working in the health arena. I started out translating health books from English to Swedish, but it was in my personal quest for improved health and happiness that I discovered my true passion—the power of our breath.

I began researching and experimenting with breathing techniques and soon developed a breathing program that literally transformed my body, mind and health. The Conscious Breathing Retraining Program evolved out of my personal experience, courses, books and research on relaxation techniques, yoga, qigong, the Buteyko Method, mental training and body awareness, as well as feedback from several thousand students, athletes, skilled doctors, therapists, and other professionals.

How Conscious Breathing Changed My Life

In my own life the practice of Conscious Breathing has significantly improved my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The main lesson I have learned from practicing Conscious Breathing Retraining is that I find I choose to be true to myself more often, to be brave enough to look within and learn about myself in depth. It is the most amazing journey I have ever been on, and it’s a journey I wish everyone could experience.

I held the first Conscious Breathing course in the spring of 2010 with my colleague, Dr. Cecilia Salmi. ONE participant came. Two people came for the next course. Despite the modest interest in the beginning, there was never any doubt in my mind that this was what I was supposed to do. In fact, during those early times I had to sell my house in order to be able to afford to continue educating myself about breathing techniques, and to develop the Conscious Breathing Method.

Today, my courses are attended by hundreds of participants, and I am thrilled to be doing the work I believe I was intended to do: helping people to breathe better, feel better, personal development, and enjoy their lives to the full.

I hope that my journey, and the amazing results that others have shared of their own experiences with the Conscious Breathing Method will inspire you to discover what the power of YOUR breath can do for you.

Improving my breathing habits has changed many aspects of my life:

    • Better health. I’m very rarely ill nowadays. More of my resources are devoted to personal growth instead of trying to get well.
    • Being less afraid. Fear can prevent us from living the life we desire. By choosing to be who I am I now play the leading role in my own life. I no longer fear death, accidents, financial problems, public speaking, embarrassment, failure, or what other thinks of me. My breathing has become a faithful friend that is always there with me – a friend that I can safely lean on when I need support.
    • Feeling a greater sense of freedom. Improving my breathing habits has helped me to find inner strength. Today I’m rarely overcome by needs such as cravings for sugar or the belief that I “must” have the latest technical gadget. Clockwatching, anxiety, and anger no longer have a big influence in my life. It has also become easier for me to deal with setbacks, since I have come to realize that they happen to help me to grow as a person.
    • Enjoying better relationships. It has become easier for me to put myself in other people’s shoes and understand the reasons for their thoughts, beliefs and actions. My critical and judgmental inner dialogue has been replaced by curiosity and humility. By focusing on my breathing pattern, I find it easier to create a distance between my thoughts and my feelings, which enables me to remain calm in difficult situations. As a result I feel a greater connection with others and with all living things.
    • Having better contact with my inner guidance. When I hesitate before making a decision, I find it helps to breathe deeply, rhythmically, and slowly, and prolong my exhalations. This helps me become calm and focused so that I can get in touch with my inner guidance. Rhythmic breathing helps me switch between intellect and logic to gut feeling and intuition. I now trust my innate ability to make the right decision in the moment.

The less time we spend being ill, pondering the past, worrying about the future, judging others, or ending up in conflicts, the more opportunities we have to grow as people. It is easier to ask for forgiveness when we have made a mistake, to be curious rather than judgmental, and to stand up for ourselves calmly and clearly. We then create a positive spiral that makes life far more meaningful.

Previously, my body was just a simple tool in pursuit of the goal my brain chose. Reaching the goals was far more important than my body´s wellbeing. Today my body is my best friend, and “we” only do things that we think are fun and makes us feel good! And the best part is that I get to share my knowledge of breathing with others to help them improve their fitness, reshape their bodies, resolve their sleeping problems, and reduce issues with allergies, asthma, pain, libido, and more.

Conscious breathing increases spiritual growth

For many years my life was based upon the reasoning of my logical left brain. I always “knew” deep within myself that there was something more, but I didn’t have the tools to get there. When I attempted to meditate I was unsuccessful because I was too wound up to bring myself into a calm state. However I discovered that focusing on my breathing pattern as I went about my daily activities changed everything and made the exciting inner journey of spiritual growth possible for me. Even in the name spirit, we can spot the close connection it has to breathing—inspiration and expiration. Respiration means re-connection to spirit. Good breathing habits increase our ability to grow as human beings, which for me is the same as spiritual growth.

Attendees at my courses report similar experiences. Improving their breathing habits builds their confidence, reduces their fears, boosts their courage to be themselves. Many of them discover, as I did, that when we are true to ourselves, and follow our own path, we inspire other people around us to do the same.

My values guide me

Personally, I’m not religious in the sense that I do not practice a specific religion. I’m drawn more to spirituality than the rules, ceremonies, and procedures found in religious organizations. Spirituality for me means harmony, freedom, community and connection with my inner guide. The primary inner values that guide me are:

  • Creation. We are all co-creators of our own reality. This means that I take responsibility for what happens in my life.
  • Consciousness. Since life arose on earth, increased awareness of the surrounding environment has also increased our ability to survive. Opportunities to grow and increase my awareness are presented in the challenges and difficulties that I face. I have come to view these challenges and difficulties as my friends, not my enemies. By being open and curious about what is happening in my daily life, I have greater opportunities to grow and expand my horizons.
  • Cooperation. A human body with all 50,000 trillion cells cooperating feels good, and the same applies to our society. The way forward is cooperation, not competition. I believe that we are here to help and serve each other while maintaining our integrity. This approach helps us, and the people we meet, to grow.

More love, harmony and freedom

This illustration symbolizes Conscious Breathing’s five basic principles of good breathing habits influencing our mind, body and emotions, and the result—more love, harmony and freedom.

Working on improving my breathing has not only made my body feel better, but it has resulted in my growing as a whole human being in a fantastic way. I hope that our Conscious Breathing Program will do the same for you.

Hope you like the information on this website. If you are curious to find out more please get in touch.

Take it easy and breathe well :)

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